Fence advertising

You may have noticed some signs on the fence of Glenelg Primary School. These signs are promoting great companies who have donated some money to Glenelg Primary School. We use that money in all kinds of ways to support increased learning outcomes for students; from books to computers, from sports equipment to art supplies.

The Deputy Principal is the contact person for fence enquiries. In 2018, the Deputy can be e-mailed at: Anthony.Fischer182@schools.sa.edu.au

Specific information for companies wondering about advertising on our fence in 2018

The 2018 price for displaying a sign for the whole year is $1500 (plus GST). This is the same price that companies paid in 2017 (and 2015 + 2016 also). This $1500 (plus GST) covers the time from whenever you install your sign until mid January, 2019. If your enquiry is in April 2018 or later in the year, a lower price may be negotiated to cover the period until the following January.

Each company is responsible for making and installing their own sign – corflute is cheaper, but of course metal lasts much longer.

Signs need to fit between fence posts, i.e. not covering any actual fence posts. Maximum dimensions: – 2150 x 1050. Again, signs need to fit between (not covering) the fence posts.

We keep the corner/diagonal section of the fence free from company signs. In 2018, that is the section between the Simplicity Funeral sign on Brighton Road and the Housemaster sign on Diagonal Road. From time to time panels displaying student work can also be seen on some of these centre panels.

If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please e-mail the Deputy Principal for more information. You will be advised about which panels are available, and you can receive a quote for the cost of a panel space, based on how many months until January of the following year.