BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Glenelg Primary School believes that there is a distinct advantage of students in Year 5 -7 bringing their own device to support technology in the classroom. Among these advantages are the ability to store files securely on their own device and to use the files at home to work on assignments and projects. It also avoids the need to share limited classroom devices.
Our network can support a range of mobile devices such as iPads, laptops, tablets and Macbooks. The preferred device is an iPad due to it’s portability, range of apps that are available and that our local high schools use iPads in Year 8. A mobile phone is not a preferred device and is NOT to be connected to our network.

Parent Purchasing Portal

A range of devices and accessories can be purchased through our “Parent Purchasing Portal” managed by Edunet.
The access code to enter the portal is: gps2018

The Purchasing Portal has payment options if required.
Anyone in the Glenelg Primary School community can use the portal.

Using the Purchasing Portal is not obligatory and parents can purchase from anywhere they prefer.

BYOD is not compulsory, and the school will continue to have limited devices available in each classroom.

Parent Purchasing Portal

BYOD Policy