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We are now accepting Enrolment Register Applications for 2022


From September 2017 Glenelg Primary School has had a Capacity Management Plan in place. The Capacity Management Plan sets out the conditions for enrolment. Families of prospective students should read the Capacity Management Plan (CMP). This can be downloaded by clicking the link.

In addition to having a CMP, Glenelg Primary School is also a  zoned school. We are currently full in some year levels with no capacity to increase the number of classrooms due to the limited size of our grounds (excluding the Glenelg SANFL football oval next door that we are fortunate to have access to), although we do have an extensive building program and renewal of facilities commencing in 2021 worth $7 million dollars. We expect this building work will be complete by the early part of 2022. Accordingly, we are often unable to enrol children living out of our zone, although enrolment is sometimes possible.

Families can apply to have their child added to the enrolment register using the Enrolment Register Application form and returning it to the school via the e-mail address below:-

Once an enrolment register application is received, someone from the school will contact you. In the calendar year that students turn 5 they may begin school if their birthday is before the 1st May. Students whose birthday is 1st May or later need to wait until the following year to start Reception. Transition opportunities take place in late November/early December of each year.

Glenelg Primary School is a welcoming school with exciting programs and a commitment to student engagement and enjoyment in the learning process.  Our assurance is to support our students to unleash their learning potential and achieve their personal best.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to into our great school community.