Starting school at Glenelg Primary School

There are specific ages to start school.

If your child turns five before 1 May, they can start primary school at the beginning of the same year. The first year of school is known as Reception. Year One is actually the second year of primary school in South Australia.

From 2024, there will be a mid-year Reception intake into our school.

From 2024, if your child turns 5 years between 1 May and 31 October, they can start school in either:

  • term 3 of the same year


  • term 1 of the following year

Students enrolled through a mid-year intake will complete six terms of Reception.

2023 Information Sessions for 2024 and 2025

In 2023 we are conducting three Information Sessions for families interested in 2024 or 2025 enrolment. Anyone is able to attend a session – please simply RSVP to the e-mail address below. During a session you can hear from school leaders, ask any questions and enjoy a tour of the school. Each session will last for approximately one hour.

  • Session 1 – Tuesday 28th March at 9:30am
  • Session 2 (evening) – Monday 19th June at 6pm
  • Session 3 – Wednesday 26th July at 9:30am

If you would like to attend a session, or have any questions, please RSVP by e-mail at

Registration of Interest Form

Glenelg Primary School no longer has a Capacity Management Plan. Coupled with Year 7s now in high school and our new building works, we now have additional places available for Reception students in 2023 and onwards. Further good news is that we currently also have some capacity for additional enrolments in most other year levels for 2023.

Families wishing to enrol at Glenelg Primary School should initially complete a Registration of Interest form.  Reception enrolments can complete this form online by clicking the link below.

To register your interest for other year levels, or if you have difficulty with the online form, please download a PDF copy of this form by clicking here.  Once completed, please email a copy to

Once we receive a form from you, someone from the school will contact you.

More information on enrolment eligibility (e.g. when a child can enrol and at what age) can be found on the Department for Education website by clicking here.