All students enrolled at Glenelg Primary School are required to wear school uniform as per our School Uniform Policy. A school uniform gives children a sense of belonging, develops pride in the school, and discourages clothing fashion competition amongst students.

Our school uniform has been endorsed by the Governing Council and is smart, comfortable and based on our school colours (navy and gold).

Glenelg Primary School uniform items are available from Belgravia Apparel. 

Families can purchase in person at the Belgravia Apparel Uniform Shop – Shop 4/378 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, or orders can be placed online with the option of collecting instore, home delivery, or delivery to the school.

To view our range of uniform items and to order online, please visit the Belgravia Apparel – Glenelg Primary School website.


Secondhand uniform purchases / donations

Secondhand uniform items can be donated to or purchased from Worn Again Op Shop 2 Byron Street, Glenelg.  Profits from the sale of secondhand uniform items go to support local community projects.