Planning & Reporting

Outcomes of the External School Review 2019

Student achievement at Glenelg Primary School identifies the school as performing well. There is significant evidence to demonstrate that the school continues to strive for further improvement despite the gains already achieved over recent years. All stakeholders associated with the school demonstrate a growth mindset and positivity. Staff work collegially and collaboratively together and are focused on the school’s improvement agenda. Leaders and staff do not shy away from areas that need further development and decisions are well informed by data and there is clarity of direction.

The Principal will work with the Education Director to implement the following directions:

Direction 1 Ensure quality educational outcomes for all students by effectively evaluating the impact of strategies and actions through establishing ongoing systems of self-review where staff are actively involved at all stages of the process.

Direction 2 Ensure pedagogical coherence and seamless transition points for learners by ensuring that high yield practices are implemented and maintained consistently across the school, inclusive of the language of learning.

Direction 3 Strengthen student agency in learning and provide opportunities for all students to be challenged through the setting of specific individual learning goals, and establishing clear learning intentions and success criteria which enable students to monitor, assess and co-plan their learning.

Based on the school’s current performance, Glenelg Primary School will be externally reviewed again in 2022