Shane Misso

I am proud and excited to have joined the Glenelg Primary School community as Principal to co-lead the school in the next stage of its improvement and success journey.

Community collaboration, excellence in teaching and learning, and building each child’s strengths in thinking, creativity and citizenship are at the core of all my efforts as an educator and leader.   As a whole staff team we will always continue to develop an environment that fosters adaptable, resilient and independent students with a growth mindset, enabling them to tackle new learning with confidence.  Together with a highly skilled leadership and staff team we will continue to position Glenelg Primary as a leading school in South Australia.

Deputy Principal

Anthony Fischer

I’m very excited to be part of the Glenelg Primary School community. I really love our school and I’m passionate about helping all students make the most of the great opportunities they can access here. Staff at our school role model the important skills of being a lifelong learner and realising that we can learn a lot when we make a mistake. I believe that students are most engaged when they can connect what they are learning at school with how they can also use those skills in other contexts, so encouraging students to make these connections is an integral part of the way I work.

Assistant Principal

Bobbie Beswick

My passion is to develop relationships with all my students and families so that learning is a positive partnership. In my professional experience, I have been interested in developing best practice by exploring a range of planning and assessment tools to improve student engagement and motivation. I believe that student wellbeing is paramount to learning and that a sense of connectedness is essential in order for students to experience success in their school community. I believe that the early years are the foundation for setting up success in our students’ lives. It is through positive relationships that students can be taught the skills which help them to succeed in life.

Assistant Principal

Matt Bannister

Hi all, I am Matt! I am passionate about student-centered learning and innovative teaching practices. As the new leader of curriculum and pedagogy, I am dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, where all students can reach their full potential. I value curriculum design and development, and a commitment to ongoing professional development and support, I look forward to contributing to the school’s continued success in academic excellence and student achievement.

Assistant Principal

Ryan Parsons

Education is a journey, not a destination. Hi! I’m Mr Parsons and my role at Glenelg is focused on all things IT related and cultivating critical and creative thinking skills in students. I have worked across Adelaide in a range of schools and understand the diverse needs and methods for connecting with and engaging students. I know how important relationships are in schools and life and give my all to build and maintain them. I seek to find the best in everyone and highlight strengths as a means to building self-confidence, life satisfaction and a willingness to take on new challenges.