At Glenelg Primary School we are developing responsible and productive global citizens who live with integrity and mutual respect. Relationships based on genuine exchange, trust and commitment to people and values are essential in their lives. We do this by supporting every student to achieve their personal best and to develop as life-long learners who are ethical and effective users of a wide range of technologies – people who are able to think critically as they deal with the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Sponsorship Opportunities

You may have noticed some signs on the fence of Glenelg Primary School. These signs are promoting great companies who have donated some money to Glenelg Primary School. We use that money in all kinds of ways to support increased learning outcomes for students; from books to computers, from sports equipment to art supplies.

The Deputy Principal is the contact person for fence enquiries. In 2018, the Deputy can be e-mailed at:

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Welcome to Glenelg Primary School R-7

Welcome to Glenelg Primary School, a school that values and recognises the diversity of our students and each of their individual needs. At Glenelg we strive to enable each student to achieve their personal best and to ensure that they are challenged and engaged in all parts of the learning process. Our school is an innovative and stimulating learning environment that shares the learning intentions & success criteria with students from Reception to Year 7.

Glenelg Primary School encourages independence and creativity, respect and understanding, responsibility and confidence. It is a school that focuses on positiveness and the strength that comes from a community working together to achieve goals. At Glenelg, every staff member is dedicated to the care and education of each student and shares the belief that happy students learn more effectively. Learning is a very personal journey and at this school we create a safe learning environment where error is welcomed and the power of feedback is maximised to build success.

For me, education at this school is about much more than a challenging curriculum. What makes us special is our people -our culture of respect, our understanding of diversity, our focus on active learning, trust and communication, and our commitment to personal excellence.

In an environment like this, learning becomes both exciting and stimulating. Our goal is to develop resilient and optimistic students who have a thirst for knowledge and the skills to navigate their own progress. We are ‘Sailing Ahead to Success’ with the school community to develop our future leaders.

I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you about this great place of learning. Please call and make some time to come in and chat to me, to be escorted by our student ambassadors on a tour of the school, and to investigate an enriching environment for your child’s primary schooling.

Kind regards,
Rae Taggart

Key Dates


  • 5th
    Junior Choir Concert
  • 6th
    Marion Bowland Year 7
  • 6th
    Second Hand Uniform Sale 2:00pm to 2:45pm
  • 6th
    End of Term 2 - Early Dismissal at 2:30pm
  • 23rd
    Start of Term 3
  • 30th
    2019 Enrolment Tour 9:45am
  • 30th
    Year 5 Camp - El Shaddai
    30th July to 1st August Rooms 15,15A, 16 and 17


  • 13th
    Bunnings Excursion
    Rm 20 and Rm 11
  • 14th
    Splash Theatre Rec - Yr3
  • 15th
    Book Week Author Visit Yrs 4 - 7
  • 20th
    Book Week
    20th to 24th August
  • 21st
    Special Persons' Day
  • 29th
    Migration Museum Yr 2
  • 30th
    Migration Museum Yr2

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