High School Transition

Students in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunities to visit the local secondary schools on their open days. Parents are encouraged to attend these visits to make informed decisions about their child’s secondary school needs.

Our surrounding secondary schools offer unique programs that cater for a variety of student needs.  These include sports, performing arts, STEM, digital technologies and languages.

Glenelg Primary has excellent state schools in our surrounding areas.  These are Plympton International College, Henley, Hamilton, Seaview and Brighton Secondary Schools.

These schools are zoned and parents need to check to make sure that they are in an intended zone. Year 7 transition and enrolments generally take place in April/May of each year. Parents are required to complete the required online Department for Education forms.

Parents and students are generally notified by the Department for Education of their child’s secondary school placement in August. An appeal process will be explained for instances where a student does not gain access to the school of their choice and if parents have additional information to offer the Department of Education for consideration.

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