The enrolment procedure at school is very similar to enrolling at preschool.

You will be asked to give information about:

  • your child’s interests
  • emergency contact numbers
  • custody issues
  • immunisation records, medical information and health care needs
  • friends already attending the school or starting at the same time.

The information you give about your child and family is kept confidential and used when necessary in the best interests of your child.

In the process of transition from pre school to school a new enrolment form is necessary. When you enrol your child the school will provide you with an information package relating to Health and Safety, curriculum, the role and obligations of volunteers in schools and general school procedures.

If your child has attended preschool, a copy of the child’s Summative Report is passed on to the school.

In 4th term of the year prior to your child beginning school you will receive a letter inviting you to attend a series of transition visits. There will be an information session for parents and an opportunity to meet the teacher and hear about specific classroom procedures.

The process of children moving from a kindergarten or childcare centre to Glenelg Primary School involves parents and staff working in partnership to ensure the child’s best interests are served.  The purpose of the transition process is for children to become familiar with the physical environment of the school, to meet other children, to experience a few recess times, to learn about the safe areas to play in etc.  Where possible these visits take place with the teacher the child will have when they start school the following year.

How you can be involved in the school

As a parent you have an important role in your child’s education. Parents can be involved in the operation of the school in many ways.

If you would like to be involved in your child’s classroom activities and programs talk with your child’s teacher. Throughout the year you will be notified, usually through newsletters, about school events and opportunities for you to participate.

Parents can join the School’s Governing Council or Parents and Friends Committee. The Governing Council advises the principal on matters such as school programs, grounds and facilities and raising additional funds. The Governing Council is made up of parent and community representatives, the principal and teacher representatives.

Talk with your child about school. Communicate with the teachers. You can request an interview at any time throughout the school year. This gives you the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss your child’s abilities, needs or any concerns you might have.

Glenelg Primary School operates within Department for Education Policies and Guidelines. Individual school policies are determined in collaboration with the Governing Council and then shared with parents.

The Governing Council have a sub-committee structure that advise them on the views of the community.  Parents are welcome to join any of the subcommittees at any time.  Please ask at the front office for advice on these.