Governing Council

The Governing Council is made up of members of the school community, representatives of the teachers, and the leadership team. The 2018 Council compromises of:

Parent Members Role
Clinton Jury Chairperson, Finance Committee
Gregg Hardie Deputy Chairperson, Education Committee
Leah Groves Treasurer, OSHC Committee, Finance Committee, Parents & Friends
Natalie Baron Secretary, Parents & Friends Representative
Joyce Gibson Deputy Secretary, Canteen Committee
Rachael Edwards Member, Canteen Committee, Parents & Friends
Brett Fleetwood  Member, Education Committee, After School Sports Committee
Deanna Singline  Member, Grounds & Facilities Committee, OSHC Committee
Marco Prokic Member, Finance Committee
Jane Kendall Member, After School Sport Committee
Annie Shearer Member, Canteen Committee
Layla Pajac

Jake Edgar



 Staff Members
 Rae Taggart  Principal
Anthony Fischer  Deputy Principal
Corey Mudie Reception/Year 1 Teacher
Carolyne Bradley Year 1 Teacher

The Governing Council and its sub-committees represent the school community, and after consultation make decisions on local issues, strategic planning and the allocation of resources.

All Governing Council members, excepting the principal, are elected for a two year period. Nominating Members are elected each year by ballot from the school community.  2 Staff Representatives are also elected each year by peer ballot.

The Governing Council holds a minimum of 2 meetings a term.

Parents also have an opportunity to become involved in Governing Council sub-committees. There are a range of sub-committees including Finance, Education, Grounds and Facilities, Out Of School Hours Care, Canteen, Parents and Friends and After School Sports.

Governing Council endeavours to keep parents informed of their activities through the School Newsletter.

You can eMail the Governing council at

Meeting Dates 2018 –  7.00pm in Staff Room
Term 1: 19th Feb, 26th March (AGM 6:00pm)
Term 2: 21st May, 25th June
Term 3: 13th Aug, 19th Sept
Term 4: 5th Nov, 3rd Dec